Network Planning


We sell and install WatchGuard Firebox network security devices. These are very robust stand-alone units that provide unprecedented reliability and configurability. The Firebox functions as both a Firewall and a Multi-WAN capable router. It is capable of seamless WAN failover in the event of an ISP outage. They provide for invisible BoVPN setups, as well as a mobile VPN component that allows for home to office connections without an on-site server.


Meraki Professional and Enterprise Wireless Access Points are incredible pieces of technology. They are configured and managed through a centrally hosted web portal, allowing for configuration changes to be made from anywhere. They have alerting built in, and have proven themselves useful in first identifying network outages.


Dell network switches come in all different sizes and configurations. They have PoE (Power over Ethernet) managed switches, as well as simple unmanaged versions. They are feature-laden, including the option for redundant power supplies allowing the switch to keep functioning normal even after a power supply failure or power outage.